Do you often have long days at work? Is your dog bored and destructive when at home whilst you’re gone? Perhaps they’re a very active dog or suffer from separation anxiety? Whatever your needs are, Hop & Scotch dog daycare Boronia is the perfect solution to ensure your dog is getting lots of exercise, socialisation and keeping out of trouble!


Give your dog the exercise they need

In many ways, dogs are just like us — they need social interaction and exercise on a daily basis in order to remain happy and healthy. So why not book your cuddly companion into one of our dog daycare locations? Our doggy daycare facility is hygienic, functional and safe for your dog, with toys, fenced areas for playing and separate pens for relaxing. Your dog will use up heaps of their energy playing with their friends, so at the end of the day when you come to fetch your beloved pup they will be ready to relax with you at home!


Premier dog daycare

Here at Hop & Scotch, we take a special approach to dog daycare. Our purpose-built facility has been completely fitted out to create an air-conditioned haven for dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds and temperaments. Hygienic, functional and safe for your dog, our facility is filled with toys and fenced areas for playing and relaxing. You can rest easy knowing that the time your pup spends with us is spent in a safe and caring environment. To be honest, we’re not sure who has a better time here at Hop & Scotch— the dogs or our team!


Caring dog grooming Boronia

Not only will your dog be happy, tired and relaxed when it comes time to collect them, they can also be clean and looking fabulous thanks to our dog grooming Boronia service. Our dog daycare centre offers a full dog grooming Boronia service, complete with dog washing, clip, nails, and ears. We cater for all breeds and temperaments, ensuring that every pooch who takes a turn in our grooming salon receives the care and attention that they deserve. All of our dog groomers are professionally accredited, ensuring only the best possible care of your canine companion.

Speak to our team today!    

If you're questioning what to do when its hours before you’ll make it home, or you've been out all weekend and your dog hasn’t had enough exercise, Hop & Scotch dog daycare Boronia is your answer. A safe, supervised and fun environment, Hop & Scotch is the place for your dog to play off-leash, socialise with other dogs and visit the doggy salon. To find out more about our daycare and grooming services, please give our friendly team a call today!



Normal daily rates:

1 Dog: $49
2 Dogs: $90
3 Dogs: $135

If your dog visits multiple times within one week, you will receive:

5% off for 3 sessions
10% off for 4 sessions
15% off for 5 or more sessions

Looking at daycare as a regular, but less frequent option? Pay for 10 sessions in advance with our Season Pass and receive 5% off:

1 dog: $466
2 dogs: $855

In need of a groom too? Receive:

50% off daycare when you book a full grooming service for the same day

Opening Hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7am - 7pm
SATURDAY: 9am - 5pm
SUNDAY: Closed