Your friendly dog daycare Chirnside Park

Imagine a place where your dog can be entertained, educated, stimulated and well socialised in a safe, clean and friendly facility. That’s exactly what Hop & Scotch dog daycare Chirnside Park is! Your dog’s every need is met by our loving and qualified staff in our purpose-built dog daycare centre, which also includes a grooming facility. For the very best doggy daycare services on offer, book your pooch into Hop & Scotch.


A safe space for your dog

We ensure that your dog is well looked after and in good company during their time with us at Hop & Scotch. Our trained and friendly staff are always keeping a watchful eye over the playground to make sure your pet is happy and getting along with our other daycare dogs. Our facility features both spacious indoor and outdoor areas which were designed solely for the well-being of our canine clients. Our facility is a hygienic, functional and safe space that is filled with toys galore. However, it is our genuine expertise and attention to detail which sets us apart from the rest.


Dog grooming Chirnside Park to pamper your pet

Our friendly staff here at Hop & Scotch dog grooming Chirnside Park provide you with all the professional advice you need to have a happy, healthy and well-groomed dog. Our dog groomers are highly experienced, providing everything from style cuts to your everyday, basic clip-offs. Each dog is unique, so we always pay special attention to your dog's particular breed, skin type, personality and desired look. Not only will your dog be happy, tired and relaxed when it comes time to collect them, they can also be clean and looking gorgeous!


Why choose dog daycare?

Many pet experts say that leaving your canine companion unattended at home for long periods of time is the cause of many behavioural issues. From separation anxiety to excessive barking, destructiveness, and loneliness, spending too much time without social interaction, stimulation or exercise can greatly affect the health and wellbeing of your beloved pet. A major benefit of participating in our dog daycare is having your pup become accustomed to your absence. Leaving them in our capable hands can help alleviate separation anxiety and destructive or negative behaviours. Not to mention, they have the opportunity to socialise and enjoy stimulating exercise.

Fun for your four-legged friend

Hop & Scotch dog daycare Chirnside Park is the perfect place for your dog to make friends. Let our highly experienced staff teach, play and socialise your four-legged friend with our other happy daycare dogs. With indoor and outdoor areas designed for dogs of all breeds and sizes, at Hop & Scotch your dog comes first! Contact us today to book your pooch in for a daycare session or for more information.



Normal daily rates:

1 Dog: $49
2 Dogs: $90
3 Dogs: $135

If your dog visits multiple times within one week, you will receive:

5% off for 3 sessions
10% off for 4 sessions
15% off for 5 or more sessions

Looking at daycare as a regular, but less frequent option? Pay for 10 sessions in advance with our Season Pass and receive 5% off:

1 dog: $466
2 dogs: $855

In need of a groom too? Receive:

50% off daycare when you book a full grooming service for the same day

Opening Hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7am - 7pm
SATURDAY: 9am - 5pm
SUNDAY: Closed