Dog daycare at Hop & Scotch is your pet's home away from home. Whether it's to bust their boredom while you're at work, to fill your dog's ingrained need for social interaction in a fully monitored space, or simply to keep them out of harms way when you have work being done around your house, leaving your best friend at Hop & Scotch is like leaving them with a trusted relative (who happens to have 50 other four-legged mates and more than 400 square metres of secure play space!)

An average morning at Hop & Scotch begins at 7.00am, with many of our owners dropping off their dog on their way to work. We divide our playmates into groups according to size and play style and from there, the fun begins! We watch doggy friendships form, facilitate epic games of fetch, road test some awesome toys, and give out cuddles like they're going out of fashion, capturing every moment with photos that are posted to our Facebook and Instagram accounts every day. After a morning play, we have some quiet time (yes, it's possible for a dog daycare to be just about silent!) before we do it all again in the afternoon!

Don't like your dog toiliting in our centre? Just speak to one of our friendly Hop & Scotchers when you drop off and they'll schedule an outside toilet adventure for your dog during the day.


Every dog that attends Hop & Scotch has passed a trial day to make sure that they will be a great fit for daycare and will pose no danger to our existing dogs.

Trial days are conducted every Monday, our quietest day, so that we can introduce your dog to a smaller, less-overwhelming group and monitor their behaviour and mood closely throughout the day.  


  • Dogs must be at least 5 months of age before commencing daycare

  • Dogs must be de-sexed by 8 months

  • Owners must present a filled-in Hop & Scotch Enrolment Form

  • Owners must present an up-to-date C5 vaccination certificate

  • Dogs must be dropped off between 7 and 8am and stay for at least five hours so they can be properly integrated and assessed

  • Test days must be pre-paid at the time of booking and standard prices apply.




Normal daily rates:

1 Dog: $51
2 Dogs: $96
3 Dogs: $144

Pay for 10 sessions in advance with our Season Pass and receive 5% off:

1 dog: $484.50
2 dogs: $912

Or, Pay for 20 sessions in advance with our Season Pass and receive 10% off:

1 dog: $918
2 dogs: $1,728

In need of a groom too? Receive:

50% off daycare when you book a full grooming service for the same day