Convenient dog daycare Kilsyth

If you want the very best care for your pet whilst you’re apart, Hop & Scotch dog daycare Kilsyth is the perfect choice. Our mission is to provide a flexible, convenient and hassle-free dog daycare Kilsyth that guarantees the happiness of your faithful four-legged friend. We take the wellbeing of your dog seriously, making sure that they’re looked after every second of the day with us at Hop & Scotch. You can rest assured that while your pet is in our care they will receive the love, attention and care that they deserve.


About Hop & Scotch dog daycare

Hop & Scotch dog daycare can be described as a ‘home away from home’ for your beloved dog. We provide a cosy, fun and safe daycare centre to promote happy and safe lifestyle for dogs. We care for and entertain your pet on weekdays, so whilst you're at work or busy running around, you know your canine companion is enjoying themselves and being supervised. Our facility has been specifically designed to maximise your dog’s fun and comfort, with access to inside and outside areas to play and socialise in as they please.


Why join doggy daycare?

We know that the modern pet is not just an animal, but an important and much-loved part of the family. That’s why we offer what we believe to be the perfect solution to your best friend being left home alone. All dogs thrive on socialisation, exercise, and attention. Without these things, even the best of dogs can become lonely and bored which eventually results in poor and even destructive behaviour. Here at Hop & Scotch, your dog will learn to be a happier and friendlier version of themselves.

Pamper your pet with dog grooming Kilsyth

Our doggy daycare facility not only includes a fun-filled dog daycare centre, but also a dedicated, full-service dog grooming salon. We deliver exceptional quality dog grooming Kilsyth for the health and wellbeing of your dog. We offer a full range of services to suit any budget, from a standard bath and brush, a bath and tidy or a full clip. Our experienced groomers and dog stylists use their magic and calming presence to provide exceptional doggy makeovers.

Your dog is our priority

Hop & Scotch is the perfect place for your pup to make friends! With our team of dog-loving professionals in charge, you can be sure that your family pet is receiving the best quality dog daycare services in Kilsyth. We know what it takes to make your pooch feel comfortable, with the health, comfort, and happiness of your visiting dog remaining our top priority. Contact us today to book your pooch in for a daycare session, dog grooming Kilsyth or for more information about the great range of services on offer.



Normal daily rates:

1 Dog: $49
2 Dogs: $90
3 Dogs: $135

If your dog visits multiple times within one week, you will receive:

5% off for 3 sessions
10% off for 4 sessions
15% off for 5 or more sessions

Looking at daycare as a regular, but less frequent option? Pay for 10 sessions in advance with our Season Pass and receive 5% off:

1 dog: $466
2 dogs: $855

In need of a groom too? Receive:

50% off daycare when you book a full grooming service for the same day

Opening Hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7am - 7pm
SATURDAY: 9am - 5pm
SUNDAY: Closed