Prior to deciding our June Product of the Month, pet product brand Rogz came to us with a range of toys to trial. While some toys barely made it through the first day of play, Gumz Ball kept going and the dogs adopted it as their new favourite! 

Why do we like this ball so much? There's a number of reasons. First and foremost, it's durable. The Gumz Ball is made of rubber but isn't completely enclosed like a tennis ball. When dogs chew it it has give, so instead of being brittle once the air has been let out (like a tennis ball), it continues to have spring after weeks of chewing. Secondly, it has big bounce! Because of the bone-shaped holes on each side, it bounces at weird angles and completely confounds the dogs chasing it! Finally we love it because the two holes also mean that it could be used as a treat toy too. Put some peanut butter in there and you'll have a busy dog for a few hours - at least!

rogs gumz 2.jpg

The Gumz Ball is a winner at Hop & Scotch. You'll see its colour brighten up our play time photos this month and probably long into the future!

The Gumz Ball is available in all 5 colours from the Hop & Shop at both Blackburn and Bayswater.




Introducing the Bob-A-Lot: a long-lasting interactive toy to assist your pup with destructive behaviour brought on by boredom. Made with a weighted hard rubber surface, it provides mental stimulation and physical activity. It has an internal chamber that allows you to put kibble and other treats in, and a adjustable opening that allows you to choose the ease or difficulty by which the food falls out.


We put the Bob-A-Lot through it's paces in our play sessions at both our Blackburn and Bayswater centres, where it was played with, chewed, stomped on and thrown around by more than 60 dogs. What we found most surprising was how much they loved it despite it containing no treats. In daycare we don't give out treats because different dogs have allergies to different things, but the weighted bobble motion of the toy proved irresistible to the dogs!

Although they loved knocking it around, the thing the dogs loved most was picking it up by the lid and carrying it somewhere quiet to chew on. This was what eventually led to the demise of the toy... After 4 days of constant chewing by a large number of dogs, the lid cracked and had to be removed. The bobbly base however remained and, although the function of storing treats in it was no longer possible, the entertainment factor of the toy was still there.


Four days may not seem much, but in a daycare environment, it's a lifetime! The Bob-A-Lot is one of the longest lasting toys we've ever had in our plays and at home you can expect it to last much, much longer. All of our play sessions are fully monitored, and we'd recommend this at home with the Bob-A-Lot too, so if you start to see cracks in the lid, make sure to remove the lid as soon as possible.

Overall, the Bob-A-Lot is durable, dogs love it, and it has that extra entertainment factor of dispensing food. It gets our team member's and the Hop & Scotch dog's tick of approval!

The Bob-A-Lot is available from the Hop & Shop at both Blackburn and Bayswater.